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Making Healthcare Simple.

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On a Mission to Make Healthcare Simple

We stand out with the largest specialty network in Canada. Our commitment to excellence, patient-centric solutions, and cutting-edge technology positions us for success. As a critical link in reshaping the Canadian healthcare landscape, we bridge gaps in care and deliver impactful, seamless solutions

We are a leading provider of innovative, sustainable, and integrated healthcare solutions on a mission to make healthcare simple and enhance the wellness of Canadians. At the core of SRx’s integrated network lies our specialty pharmacy services. With the largest specialty pharmacy network in Canada, we ensure accessibility and impact on a national scale while maintaining a local touch. Our all-inclusive pharmacy model and personalized clinical care go beyond traditional pharmacy capabilities. By prioritizing patient care over convenience and specializing in complex therapeutic areas we set ourselves apart in the market. Furthermore, we boast an extensive physical footprint of specialty pharmacies that ensures in-person clinical care, setting us apart as the sole specialty pharmacy network with a substantial physical presence. SRx’s circle of care extends far beyond mere dispensing of medications. Our robust integrated network represents critical infrastructure designed to meet the evolving needs of patients. From our clinics, nursing, Patient Support Programs to Wholesale and Distribution and clinical trials we are the critical link in delivering personalized and specialty care, ensuring a seamless experience for patients navigating complex and rare disease therapeutic areas.

Specialty pharmacies dispense specialty drugs which require exclusive distribution rights, extensive training and experience, and sophisticated infrastructure, each of which takes significant time and effort to attain 

  1. Treat less common and rare diseases marked by long-term or severe symptoms and side effects
  2. Involve complex treatment regimens requiring ongoing clinical monitoring and patient education
  3. Often biologically derived and available in injectable, infusion or oral format
  4. Have special handling, storage, or delivery requirements
  5. Have increased potential for limited or exclusive product availability and distribution
  6. Higher costs than traditional small molecule drugs which is in excess of US$6,000 per year

Pharmacies that prioritize care over convenience to service complex therapeutic areas that require more comprehensive therapies which traditional pharmacies cannot navigate.


SRx’s national, integrated network, and physical footprint uniquely positions SRx to not only dispense both regular and specialty medications, but also proactively engage with patients at every step of their treatment journey to ensure they receive the necessary, personalized care who would otherwise be unsupported by the current public health system. 


The barriers to accessing specialty drugs are significant:  

  • Stringent Regulatory Requirements 
  • Relationships with Pharma Manufacturers 
  • Specialized Experience and Expertise 
  • Supply Chain and Human Capital

The Canadian healthcare and pharmacy markets are fragmented. SRx’s extensive national footprint, exclusive distribution rights, sophisticated and integrated infrastructure paired with our strategic approach to acquisitions makes us a premier acquirer. Our acquisition strategy focuses on supporting communities outside of metropolitan areas, where pharmacies have long served their entire community at large. We’re not just filling gaps in these fragmented markets but closing the circle of care by transforming traditional pharmacies into specialty pharmacies, where every patient receives personalized, high-quality care tailored to their unique needs. Our integrated network, comprising of not just specialty pharmacy, clinical treatment sites, nursing, and interdisciplinary care teams plays a pivotal role in both facilitating specialty care and addressing unmet healthcare needs in these regional communities. Our ever-growing national footprint ensures accessibility and simplifies healthcare delivery, making healthcare simple for communities nationwide. 

SRx has diversified revenue streams and maximizes value creation while revolutionizing the healthcare industry.  We have a proven track record of seamlessly integrating and acquiring at an EBITDA that surpasses the industry benchmark, evidenced further by the successful acquisition of 13 pharmacies within the past year alone. Leveraging our national network and robust purchasing power, we drive significant economies of scale post-integration. We are actively expanding our pharmacy segment, with a goal of significantly increasing the number of pharmacies by 2030. With a well-defined M&A playbook, we focus on converting traditional pharmacies to specialty pharmacies within this highly fragmented market. Our strategic approach contributes to “offsetting an estimated 1 billion in economic value for the 1.9 million patients currently unsupported by the public health system.1 SRx possesses multiple levers of growth, coupled with an organic growth strategy. Our strong stakeholder relationships drive continued organic growth within core segments, positioning us as the preferred provider of specialty care services. To bolster our capabilities, we invest in cutting-edge technology and data-driven decision-making.

We stand out with our cutting-edge technology and data-driven decision-making capabilities. Our proprietary ACCESS CRM platform drives automation, enhancing efficiency and patient care. With strategic investments in technology, we ensure agility and scalability, while reducing the risk of human error and further enabling personalized care delivery. At the core of our operations is a data-driven approach that guarantees accuracy and integrity, allowing us to adapt quickly to evolving patient needs. Our robust IT and business intelligence systems accelerate integration and optimize sales and efficiency, positioning SRx for continued growth and success in the dynamic healthcare landscape.

SRx boasts a remarkable history of growth since 2013, signaling a track record of successful execution and expansion. Our organic growth strategy, coupled with strategic acquisitions and transformation of community pharmacies into specialty pharmacies, has been instrumental in driving this growth trajectory. Leveraging our integrated network and our unique positioning having overcome significant barriers to entry, we continue to enhance profitability and margins while benefiting from the resilience of the healthcare industry and favorable market dynamics. Our unique integrated network and physical footprint contribute to a best-in-class pharmacist-to-patient ratio, allowing us to penetrate the market rapidly compared to competitors. With a broad national distribution and logistics infrastructure built to support the complexities of specialty drugs, SRx has successfully improved access to care, reduced wait times, lowered costs, and optimized patient outcomes.

SRx has an exceptional management team with extensive experience in specialty and traditional retail pharmacy, mergers and acquisitions, and specialty healthcare services. Our team’s deep industry knowledge positions us as leaders in the evolving landscape. By leveraging this expertise, we provide personalized care that addresses both patient needs and industry demands, enhancing our strategic partnerships and supporting patients throughout their healthcare journey